Nick McColloch from Sacramento California, is a recent graduate with a BS in Graphic Design from California State University Sacramento. He has the multi-disciplinary skills to be creative, technical and the communication skills required to survive in one of today's fastest growing fields. He has the ability to solve visual communication problems through courses in art, communication studies, art history, photography, business, and design fundamentals.

Nick is capable of producing a full range of design services. With each project, strongly emphasize color & design elements while paying extra attention to the concept and content. He takes ideas conceived and planned out in the mind and apply's the idea conceptually in print media. Nick strives to work on an even level with his customers to become a marketing team. His intent is to establish long relationships with clients built on a solid foundation of dependability and trust.

The broad skill set that he offers insures the high quality, speed and originality that clients demand. “A design that is worth doing, is a design that is worth doing right.” Nick feels there is no greater satisfaction, than delivering a finished product that helps a client to reach their goals and objectives. I am always striving to improve my methods to integrate artistic quality and esthetics with technical practicality and functionality to the fullest.

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